Who We Are
Imperial Global Chauffeur is a Vancouver based company specializing in VIP services. Imperial’s core focus is on providing VIP services, motorcades, large group movements and tours.

In 2012 Imperial Car Service acquired Vancouver All Terrain and formed the Imperial Global Chauffeur Services. Since 2018 we have been part of Canadian Government transportation motorcade like G20 and Women deliver. We are also the brand of choice for Four Seasons Resort Whistler, Shangri-la Vancouver and Fairmont Waterfront. Furthermore, we work extensively with local Destination Management companies like Cantrav and Pacific Destination. Imperial prides itself in its customer service and in order to achieve this we have focused in hiring a team that is passionate about hospitality and what British Columbia has to offer. Our deep respect for our customers derives us to continuously train at Imperial Chauffeur as we are committed to sustaining a customer-centric culture. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and their dedication to hospitality allows us to customize our services to meet all customers’ requirements. Customization of tours, in vehicle amenities or ground support for large groups are some specialized service we provide our clients.

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